Ground rules (new users please read)

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Ground rules (new users please read)

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 06, 2009 8:59 pm

Hello everyone

There's just a few things to go over before you run into the vast tunnels here at Rainbow Reverie and I'll try to be brief. This list may change in the future for various reasons.

Only one account per user
Cloning is not allowed. Anybody found with more than one account will be subject to interrogation about possible reasons for their clone account.

Be friendly
Anybody caught being vulgar, hateful, very rude, degrading, discriminatory, racist, hurtful and/or aggresive will be up for punishment, please keep conversation civil.
If you report someone for any of the above please be specific as to your concern.

Use good English
We understand that some users come from certain cultures and for others English is not a first language so a level of allowance is given. Please try to keep what you are saying clear, this at least saves other users asking what you posted and stops any confusion when moderating your post. Some text speak is permitted as long as the post is clear.

Avoid large images
Be sure any image you post is from an image hosting site so there is no risk of it being changed into something offensive (see next rule) and keep posted image size fairly small. If you want everyone to see a big image try using a hyperlink to it.

No adult images
Any image depicting, however realistic or otherwise, pornography (adult or minor), strong violence, gore, drugs or drug use and/or strong language will not be tolerated, keep the forum civil. Also no linking to adult sites.

Make a point
Please avoid posting if you are only going to say 'bump' or 'I'm bored', in order to not drive some people nuts make sure each of your posts is worth it's weight in gold. Also edit your posts where possible instead of posting directly after yourself, two posts in a row isn't a big deal it just makes the place look tidy, please don't post a silly number of times after yourself.

Make sure the topic doesn't exist before making it
This might sound silly but I've seen it done. Make sure when wanting to create a new topic that one identical or very very similar does not already exist, also try to post into the correct forum category to help keep things organised.

Enjoy your stay Smile

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